Weekly Activities

Weekly Childrens Activities at Bethel Nazarene

At Bethel Naz we provide a number of opportunities for your children to participate in activities or teams to help them grow their faith and develop friendships with others their age. 

Kidz Club: Wednesday night Kidz Club is a fun-filled time of interactive lessons and activities that help preschoolers and elementary age students journey through the Bible. While participating in high energy music, skits, crafts, and games, kids learn how God reached out to the people of the Old and New Testaments and how God reaches out to us too!

Club 56: Club 56 is an exciting opportunity for fifth and sixth grade students to come together and enjoy food, fun, games, and lots of laughs!  Each event is designed to help preteen kids connect with one another, discuss  life challenges they are beginning to face, and learn how God can deeply influence their lives as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

Kids Praise Team: Kids in grades 3 – 6 have the opportunity to join our Kids Praise Team. During weekly practice sessions, kids learn how to lead our kids’ worship time through the use of fun hand motions set to high energy music.

Praise-In-Motion Team: Kids in 5th – 9th grades are invited to participate in our Praise-N-Motion Team. The dance choreography we use serves as an expression of praise. Focus is not on performance; but rather we strive to bring glory to God through the use of movement.

Kids' Leadership Team: Our Kids’ Leadership Team consists of 5th and 6th graders who have a desire to develop their servant leadership skills within the church setting. During their time together, kids are encouraged to make age appropriate decisions regarding various activities and events within the Children’s Department.  In addition, kids learn how to lead small Bible study groups, mentor younger kids, and minister to those in need.

Kids Passport to Missions: Once a month on Wednesday, our preschool and elementary students have an opportunity to learn about the work of Nazarene missionaries around the world through a variety of hands-on, multisensory activities that emphasize cultural traditions of specific world regions.


Need More Information?

We look forward to answering your questions about our Children's Ministry activities:

Call: (253) 847-4306
Email: bethelnazchurch@gmail.com

How Can I Serve?

There are many areas to serve the children of Bethel Naz including Sunday mornings and weekly activities. If you feel called to serve in our Children's Ministry, we want to hear from you. 

Call: (253) 847-4306